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2023 Chinese Tea Osmanthus Black Tea Natural Fragrance Floral Tea Yunnan Osmanthus Black Tea

2023 Chinese Tea Osmanthus Black Tea Natural Fragrance Floral Tea Yunnan Osmanthus Black Tea

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This osmanthus black tea is a combination of 2023 2023 Lapsang Souchong tea(Zhengshan xiaozhong)and 2023 Guangxi golden osmanthus.

Osmanthus Black Tea uses a scenting process similar to that of jasmine teas, where the osmanthus flowers and tea leaves are mixed together to allow the leaves to fully absorb the aroma. A suitable proportion of star-shaped osmanthus among the tea leaves is used, ensuring the scent and flavor are properly infused without being overbearing.

When brewed in cup, the fragrance of the osmanthus is gradually spread through the air, and the tea itself develops a sweet, mellow taste with hints of honey and caramel. Whether cold or hot, this tea will allow you to sweetly relax with its floral overtones.

Tea Varieties: Flora Tea


Origin:  Fujian Province, China

Tea Soup:The tea soup is bright red and has a strong floral aroma.

Tea shape:The dried tea leaves are tight and dark, with thin strips; the brewed tea leaves are plump, tender and soft, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant.

Taste Features:The aroma of osmanthus in the first three steeps is obvious, taste is soft and sweet, and the caramel aroma and honey aroma of black tea appear in the later steep, which is more balanced

Storage:Store in a cool place away from sunlight. 

Efficacy:Regular consumption of Osmanthus tea makes you feel energized and refreshed and is often used in Chinese medicine as a cleansing agent. The tea is also known to treat health issues in relation to the endocrine system, liver and kidney. Traditional Chinese medicines also use osmanthus tea to purify the blood.

Brewing advice:

1. Recommended soaking method: cold soaking in summer
Pour 500ml of normal temperature water into a bottle, put the bottle in the refrigerator, and refrigerate it at -1℃ to 8℃. Take it out after 6-8 hours or overnight, let it sit for a while, and then drink.
2. Recommended soaking method: Heart-warming hot soaking
Use 90℃ water and a 500ml container, pour hot water, wait patiently for 2 minutes and then drink. You can brew more than 3 cups.

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