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Jiangnan Tea

Chinese Chaozhou Kettle Handmade White lifting Beam Original Handcrafted Teapot Chinese Master Pottery Ceramic Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony

Chinese Chaozhou Kettle Handmade White lifting Beam Original Handcrafted Teapot Chinese Master Pottery Ceramic Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony

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This red mud kettle is made by a very experienced craftsman from Chaozhou, if you want to perform a Gongfu tea ceremony, this kettle would be a great pleasure for you to heat water in a very traditional way and it makes your water softer in the taste. It's perfect to brew aged Pu'erh, aged white tea in the kettle, and heat water.

The performance of a brew of tea is almost determined by how many positions the tea leaves can release in boiling water. Among them, the amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved ions in water is the factor that determines the ratio of tea water extracts (theanine, polyphenols, caffeine, etc.). Therefore, Chaozhou kettle multi-porosity and rich combination of ingredients are capable of adsorbing calcium, magnesium and other compounds to purify water and create space for volatilization of tea. That's why we say boiling water after Chaozhou Shadiao will be softer and sweeter.

kettle dimension: Height with handle 17cm, teapot body height 9cm, diameter 9cm
Capacity: 800ml

Electric ceramic heater dimension: height 6.5cm, diameter 12.5cm, fire power 50-500w, electric voltage 220V

Material: Chaozhou red mud

Usage: It can be heated by direct fire like charcoal fire or alcohol lamp, candle, Electric Ceramic Cooker. The length of the electric device cable is 1m.

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it’s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

Please be aware that the plug is a Chinese one so you need a converter, in addition, the electric device is 220v for voltage, so please be sure that the voltage is appropriate in your country or otherwise you should have a converter adapting your country voltage.

Before using the kettle (Shadiao) :(it's not obligatory but I do suggest doing so for kettle service life, please follow the steps following before the first use.
way 1
1. please put some rice and water into the kettle to cook
2. When the water boils, please take off the lid to cook for 10mn by the means of stirring in order not to stick rice in the bottom of the kettle, turn off the heat
3. Let it stay without heating for 1 hour and wash the kettle clear
4. Boil water again and wash the kettle
ok now the maintenance procedure of your kettle is done
(if you want a video to guide you, please contact me and I will send it to your email address)

During the usage, if you want to add water to boil again, please take the kettle away from the heating device, and please don’t add water directly into the kettle above the heating device.

Way 2
1.put your kettle into the water for 24 h before the first usage

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