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Jiangnan Tea

Antiuqe Chinese Woodfired Stove Kettle Set Handmade Chaozhou Chinese Master Pottery Ceramic Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony

Antiuqe Chinese Woodfired Stove Kettle Set Handmade Chaozhou Chinese Master Pottery Ceramic Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony

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this special concave Chaozhou Shadiao is made by local experieced artisans, the effect on the kettle varies from one to one because of woodfired process.

The performance of a brew of tea is almost determined by how many positions the tea leaves can release in boiling water. Among them, the amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved ions in water is the factor that determines the ratio of tea water extracts (theanine, polyphenols, caffeine, etc.). Therefore, Chaozhou kettle multi-porosity and rich combination of ingredients are capable of adsorbing calcium, magnesium and other compounds to purify water and create space for volatilization of tea. That's why we say boiling water after Chaozhou Shadiao will be softer and sweeter.

Capacity: 500ml
Dimension: height with handle 13cm, diamter of bottom 7.5cm, width 13cm
Usage: It can be heated by direct fire like charcoal fire or alcohol lamp, candle, Electric Ceramic Cooker

Antique style Chinese Handmade Chaozhou white mud stove:

It's made by a local Chaozhou experienced ceramicist who has practiced traditional pottery production for 30 years. The face of the stove is engraved"一片冰心在玉壶“,” Moonlight is cool as cold water", this stove is adopted a traditional distressed technique, therefore, your stove will look more antique and old as a real antique object :)

Height: 15cm
Diameter: 13cm
Inner diameter:10cm

Place of production: Chaozhou, China

P.S the color of wood-fired artwork may vary from one to another, if you do mind the difference please contact me to send actual photos.

Handmade stove maintenance guide
usage instruction:
1.for the first use, please do not put too much charcoal into the stove(, because it needs time to adjust to high temperature. First of all, you can put several small charcoals into the stove to have a preheating, please don’t put too many fired charcoals directly into the stove since the handmade pottery can’t support sudden heating and sudden coldness.
2.Charcoals should not be more than third for five of stove capacity
3.Please don’t pour water into the stove to extinguish the charcoal directly, leave it to extinguish naturally(attention to your house security if you do it inside)

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it’s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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