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2023 Chinese Tea Osmanthus White Tea Natural Fragrance Floral White Tea Compressed Tea Yunnan Osmanthus White Tea

2023 Chinese Tea Osmanthus White Tea Natural Fragrance Floral White Tea Compressed Tea Yunnan Osmanthus White Tea

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This osmanthus white tea is a combination of 2023 Yunnan large-leaf ancient tree white tea and 2023 yunnan osmanthus. White tea and osmanthus are native to the Yiwu production area in Yunnan.

Yiwu Production Area: As one of the six ancient tea mountains, Yiwu has played an important historical role since the "Ancient Tea Horse Road" period. The tea gardens here are shrouded in clouds and mist all year round, forming a unique ecological environment. This special environment provides good conditions for the growth of tea, making Yiwu tea not only rich in aroma and fresh in taste, but also rich in cultural heritage.

Tea Varieties: Flora Tea


Origin:  Yunnan Province, China

Tea aroma: fresh and mellow aroma, refreshing taste, refreshing

Tea Soup:The tea soup is orange and translucent, mellow and resistant to steeping. 

Tea shape:White tea is naturally sun-dried, with intact leaves
Osmanthus fragrans is golden in color and has plump flowers.The brewed tea leaves are stretched, soft and bright, evenly thick, taste mellow and refreshing, and the lingering fragrance remains, and can be brewed many times.

Taste Features:The sweet tea soup is paired with the fragrance of osmanthus and has a long aftertaste.

Storage:Store in a cool place away from sunlight. 

Efficacy:Osmanthus is herb that can improve skin, detoxify the body, reduce thick saliva in the throat and boost lung health.

Health Advice:Please adjust the amount of floral teas according to your health condition. Moderate intake of floral teas is healthy for most people.

Brew advice:

Gaiwan brewing:Use 90℃ hot water to brew quickly, about 10 seconds, and pour out the tea soup. If you brew it for too long, the color will be very dark and the taste will be very bitter. Do not brew too much tea. If the brewing method is incorrect, the color and taste of the tea soup will be different.

A mug brewing:Place a teabag into a mug and pour 200-300ml of boiling water. Steep for 2 min & enjoy. Good for multiple brews

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