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2023 Chinese Oolong Tea JinXuan Oolong Tea Taiwan Oolong Tea High Mountain Spring Tea

2023 Chinese Oolong Tea JinXuan Oolong Tea Taiwan Oolong Tea High Mountain Spring Tea

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JinXuan Oolong Tea(this Jinxuan Oolong is sometimes called "tea that grew up by drinking soy milk")

This Jinxuan Oolong tea is produced in Yongfu Town, Zhangping City, Fujian Province. The climate is similar to the Ali mountain tea area in Taiwan. Another point that focuses on publicity is that the tea is grown by drinking soy milk. In this tea garden, tea farmers have comprehensively promoted the technology of watering tea trees with "soy milk". The fertilizer used for tea trees is "soy milk" made by fermenting soybeans with biologically beneficial bacteria and brown sugar, which is also the "beverage" of high mountain tea.

If you like to try the taste of authentic Taiwanese oolong tea, We highly recommend this Jinxuan oolong tea.

About Jinxuan Oolong:
  Oolong tea is mainly divided into four categories: Northern Fujian Oolong, Southern Fujian Oolong, Guangdong Oolong and Taiwan Oolong. Although Jinxuan Oolong is not as well-known as Dongding Oolong, it is also one of the important varieties of Taiwanese Oolong. Jinxuan Oolong is mostly grown in high-altitude tea areas. The tea leaves are richer in substances. The dry tea is processed by a unique wrapping and kneading process to form a tight hemisphere. The obvious tea stems can be seen in the wrapping and kneading process without removing the stems. The substances rich in the stems are exposed and integrated with the tea leaves. After brewing, the stems can highlight the unique charm of high mountain tea. Seasonal and climate changes create unique flavors with different osmanthus, gardenia, and milk aromas. Among them, is the milky aroma. It is particularly charming when integrated with the tea soup. The color of the tea soup is yellow-green, clear and bright, and the bottom of the leaves is tender green, even and soft.

Jin Xuan Tea is a variety of oolong tea developed in 1980. The tea is also known as #12 or as "Milk Oolong" (Nai Xiang). It originates from Taiwan. The taste is light, creamy, and flowery and sometimes compared to milk.

About Yongfu Tea Area:
The mountainous climate of Yongfu Town is the same as that of Alishan and other tea areas in Taiwan. It is known as the "Mainland Alishan" by Taiwanese businessmen. It has unique geographical, climatic and humanistic advantages for the development of high mountain tea, and enjoys a high reputation in Taiwan's agricultural circles.

This tea, which is called "tea grown up with soy milk", is found in Yongfu Tea Garden. Tea farmers fully use the new technology of "soy milk" to water tea trees. At present, all the tea trees in Yongfu Tea Garden "drink" soy milk, and soybeans are used to add biological "Soy milk" made by fermenting beneficial bacteria and brown sugar is the drink of high mountain tea.
The benefits of drinking "soy milk" include improving nutrition, improving soil, making tea naturally resistant to steeping, and enhancing aroma.

Tea Varieties: Taiwan Oolong


Origin:  Fujian Province, China

Net weight:We use individual packaging, and each small bag is 8g

Tea Soup:The tea soup is golden and translucent, with a milky aroma.

Tea shape: The color is brown and green and oily, with a little bit of broken pieces. The smell of the dry tea has a rich caramel aroma and the aroma of cooked grains.After brewing, the tea leaves are fresh and moist, and the tea leaves are stretched, plump and soft with stems.

Taste Features:The aroma of fresh gardenia and delicate milky fragrance are very distinctive in the first few infusions.  the taste is so soft and sweet. The caramel aroma and honey aroma appear in the later steep, which is very attractive. 

Storage:Suggest refrigerator storage, or stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight.

Efficacy:Refreshing, anti-aging, de-stressing, energy boost and focus,boosting digestive health, heart health, lung health, detoxication of the human body, skin health and healthy weight loss.

Brewing advice:

Recommended tea utensils: You can use a purple clay pot or a gaiwan for brewing.
1. After warming the cup, add dry tea
2. Wash tea: Pour boiling water above 95°(203℉) and quickly pour out the tea soup
3. Brewing: tea to water ratio 1:20( it depends on personal taste, you can appropriately increase or decrease)

First brewing: 30s

Second brewing: 10s

Third brewing: 10s

Fourth brewing: 10-20s

After fifth brewing: The brewing time can be determined according to personal taste;

4. It is recommended to choose a gaiwan for brewing, which will have better taste, soup and aroma.

Recommended soaking method: cold brewing in summer
Tea to water ratio 1:50    Pour 500ml of normal temperature water into a bottle, put the bottle in the refrigerator, and refrigerate it at -1℃ to 8℃(30.2℉-46.4℉). Take it out after 6-8 hours or overnight, let it sit for a while, and then drink.

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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