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Handmade Original Glass Automatic Teapot Modern Brewing Teapot High Borosilicate Glass Filter Glass Teapot

Handmade Original Glass Automatic Teapot Modern Brewing Teapot High Borosilicate Glass Filter Glass Teapot

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This tea set uses the elements of magpies and plum trees. The magpies stand on the tops of plum trees. The Chinese idiom is "happy eyebrow tip", and "mei" has the same pronunciation as "plum". The magpie standing on the plum tip means that the magpie is announcing good news, a pair of double happiness. It means that people are happy when they are in the middle of a good deed.

This automatic tea set frees us from the traditional way of making tea.
Make tea faster and easier.The tea set can make any kind of tea.

package contains:base x1,teapot soaker x1,fair cup x1,teapot lid x1,tea filter x1,stainless steel ball x1,

Material:High Borosilicate Glass/Resin base

Dimension:base 17.9x11.6x18.5cm;teapot soaker 11x13cm capacity:300ml;fair cup 14.6x10.4x7.8cm capacity:470ml 

Warning: When the water outlet device is turned off, due to the surface tension of the water, a small amount of water will remain in the automatic water outlet device, resulting in slight dripping, which is normal and not a quality problem. 

Product Notes:
1. After opening the package, wash the product with detergent and dry it. Do not use hard objects, such as steel brushes, to scrub the surface.
2. Please do not use it as an ordinary tool to knock and impact, so as to ensure its life.
3. Frequent cleaning in daily use can keep the product bright and pleasant.
4. If there are stains that are difficult to remove, wash them with toothpaste.
5. After use, please clean the product and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it’s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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Customer Reviews

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High-end tea set

There is no difference between the actual product and the description of the shop owner. It is really good to use and makes the mood of making tea better.

very satisfied!

The product was received safely and quickly, I am very satisfied!

Good quality

I have never regretted buying this tea set

Beautiful tea set

When my friends saw my tea set, they all said it was beautiful! Making tea is also free.

Amazing design

It can be used as both a decoration and a tea set, and it won’t burn your hands. It’s great.