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Jiangnan Art Tea

2024 Green Tea Chinese Yunnan Que She High Mountain Spring China Loose Tea Leaf

2024 Green Tea Chinese Yunnan Que She High Mountain Spring China Loose Tea Leaf

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The Queshe is a Chinese green tea produced in Yunnan. It is named for its small shape like a bird's tongue. Queshe has a beautiful appearance and a unique and rich aroma. It is a green tea roasted from tender buds, so it has the characteristics of flatness and straight tips.

The raw materials of this green tea come from the Simao production area in Yunnan, and the buds are picked in the early spring before the Ming Dynasty. The tea area has a geographical advantage of 1,800 meters. It has mild seasons, low latitudes, humidity, and rain. The tea growing environment is ideal, and the tea is rich in internal substances.

Tea Varieties: Chinese Green Tea—Yunnan Que She

Year: 2024

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Tea shape: The dry tea leaves are green in color, flat and straight, and the strips are even, shaped like a bird's tongue; after brewing, the buds are bright and even yellow-green, soft and thick

Tea Soup: The tea soup is yellow with green, transparent and clean

Taste Features: It tastes fresh and sweet, with a light and soft fragrance and and the aroma lasts long.

Storage: To prolong shelf life, this tea should be stored in the refrigerator. However, please remember to let the tea get to room temperature before taking it from the tea bag when you take it from the fridge.

Healthy benefits:

1. Lower blood lipids, prevent high blood lipids
2. Anti-aging
3. Protect teeth, improve eyesight, suitable for office workers
4. Refreshing
5. Relieve greasiness and lose weight
5. Clear heat and relieve summer heat

1. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach
2. Do not drink if you have a cold stomach
3. Do not drink if you have neurasthenia or insomnia
4. Do not drink if you are breastfeeding

Brewing suggestions:

Recommended water temperature: 85℃-90℃ (185℉-194℉)

Tea to water ratio: 1:30. 

We recommend that you use the traditional Chinese style - Gongfu tea to brew this tea, so that you can appreciate the changes in the shape and aroma of the tea leaves during the brewing time.

Or you can also use the glass cup method, 2-3g for a 300ml cup, steeping time 1mn, you leave one-third of the water in the cup and continue to add water. 


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