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Jiangnan Art Tea

2024 Chinese Oolong Tieguanyin Floral Fragrant Oolong High Mountain Spring China Loose Tea Leaf Cold Brew Tea

2024 Chinese Oolong Tieguanyin Floral Fragrant Oolong High Mountain Spring China Loose Tea Leaf Cold Brew Tea

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Our premium Tieguanyin tea is produced in Anxi, Fujian Province, and is crafted in a modern, light-flavored style. Compared with the traditional Tieguanyin, which has a heavy texture, the light-scented Tieguanyin has a more distinct, natural, and rich floral fragrance.

The raw materials come from Xianghua Township, Anxi County, Fujian Province, a core production area with an average altitude of more than 800 meters.

Clouds and mist occur all year round, there is abundant rainfall, and there is a large temperature difference between day and night. This natural superior growth environment is the basis for forming the aroma of Tieguanyin varieties. It is also one of the increasingly popular Tieguanyin production areas today.

Tea-making processing:
This Oolong tea has a traditional four-time shaking green(Yao Qing) process, semi-fermentation, and stir-frying. Many aspects affect a tea's quality. The complex and changeable craftsmanship of Tieguanyin, as well as the environmental climate of the production area, can create a Tieguanyin with an elegant "orchid charm."

Tea Varieties: Chinese Oolong Tea

Year: 2024

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Weight: Each small package is 7g

Tea shape: Hand-made dry tea leaves shaped like a dragonfly head, oily dark green.

Tea aroma: When you first smell the dry tea, it has a fruity and floral aroma. After brewing, this Tie Guan Yin has a fresh, elegant, delicate orchid fragrance. The tea tastes soft on the palate, fresh and sweet, with a long aftertaste.

Tea soup: The soup is clear, translucent, golden, and light green. 

Storage: Sealed, moisture-proof, odor-proof, refrigerated


Does Tie Guan Yin has healthy benefits?

1. Detoxification, digestion, and greasy removal: Tea contains flavonoids, which have bactericidal and detoxifying effects.
2 Beauty, weight loss, anti-aging
3 Helps prevent cancer: Anxi Tieguanyin contains high selenium content, ranking among the top six teas. Selenium can stimulate immune proteins and antibodies to resist diseases and inhibit the occurrence and development of cancer cells.
4. Refreshing and refreshing
5. Anti-radiation

Brewing advice:

Water temperature: 100°C boiling water
Gaiwan/Chaozhou clay teapot: tea to water ratio 1:18~20
The steeping time for the first four times is 30s/15s/15s/30s. After four times, the steeping time can be extended appropriately according to personal taste.

Why brew tea with Chaozhou red clay teapots?

In fact, under the same tea water ratio, water temperature, and soaking time, the tea brewed by the Zhuni hand-pulled Chaozhou teapot is more mellow and powerful. It can exert the tea properties more effectively. This is closely related to the strong heat preservation and slow heat dissipation of the Chaozhou Zhuni red clay teapot. This can help Oolong release the dissolved substances and make it more mellow and inseparable.

Daily use cup: tea to water ratio 1:100 (for example, put 5g of tea in a 500ml cup)
steeping for about 2 minutes.
If the tea does not separate during drinking and the soup is too thick, add some boiling water before drinking.
Note: The brewing time is only a suggestion. You should brew flexibly according to your own taste needs.


P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package; thank you in advance :)

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