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Jiangnan Art Tea

2024 Chinese Health Tea Herbal Tea Dried Malva nut Dried Pangdahai Dried Chrysanthemum Natural Fragrance

2024 Chinese Health Tea Herbal Tea Dried Malva nut Dried Pangdahai Dried Chrysanthemum Natural Fragrance

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthy Tea

This tea is made from Chinese natural herbs without adding any artificial colors, making it safe and healthy.

The ingredients include: Pangdahai, chrysanthemum, orange peel, Luo Han Guo

  • Pangdahai:Also called the Malva nut or Sterculia lychnophora.A nut-sized fruit used for comforting the throat and tonic the voice.
    Lightly sweet and smooth to the palate, enjoy this tea in hot and cold.When brewed with hot water, the nut skin opens up and swells to 8 times its size providing a magical 
  • Luo Han Guo:Also known as Siraitia grosvenorii, monkfruit, luo han guo, or Swingle fruit, is a herbaceous perennial vine of the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. It is native to southern China.


    Tea Varieties:Herbal Tea

    Place of Origin: Fu jian Province, China
    Production time: 2024

    quantity: 10 sachets

    Storage method: Store in a cool, dry and sealed place

    Taste: Slightly sweet taste.

    benefit:This tea can relieve cough and reduce phlegm, clear the lungs and improve eyesight.

    Brewing suggestions:

    Use a mug to brew with hot water or boil it in a kettle for 10 minutes before drinking.

    Who this tea is suitable for:
    1. People who smoke and drink alcohol for a long time
    2. People who often work in polluted environments
    3. People who often use their voices, such as teachers, singers, anchors, etc.
    4. People who pay attention to health care
    5. People who often stay up late/office workers who often sit in air-conditioned rooms for long periods.

    Notice! ! !
    It is recommended that people with weak spleen and stomach, low blood pressure, and weak constitution should not drink this tea; patients with diabetes should not drink it; pregnant women or women during menstruation should not drink this tea.


    P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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