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2021 Spring Chinese Tea Yunnan White Tea Moonlight White Tea Nectar Fragrant White Tea Compressed Tea High Mountain Spring Tea

2021 Spring Chinese Tea Yunnan White Tea Moonlight White Tea Nectar Fragrant White Tea Compressed Tea High Mountain Spring Tea

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This Moonlight White is Yunnan white tea, produced in Yunnan. It is made from fresh leaves of Yunnan Jinggu large-leaf tea with one bud and one leaf . It is made with white tea processing technology.

Product features: The pekoe is exposed, the tea leaves are silvery white, the smell is fragrant and fragrant, and the taste is sweet.

Moonlight white has obvious and bright white buds, and the leaves are black with alternating black and white, like a curved crescent, hence the name "Moonlight White".The mature tea buds are plump and heavy, with a fragrant smell.
Moonlight White is a specialty tea in Yunnan, it is classified as a White Tea because it is processed with the similar methods as White Tea but using Yunnan tea bush varietals, which means that this tea has a very different flavour comparing to Silver Needle or White Peony because they are made with Fuding Da Ba varietals in Fujian province.

Tea Varieties: Chinese White Tea—Yunnan White Tea(Moonlight White)

Production year:2021

Origin: Jinggu county, Puerh city, Yunnan province, China

Tea Soup:The tea soup is golden and bright

Tea shape:dry tea leaves: the tea buds are plump and heavy, covered with pekoe; after brewing, the buds are plump and the buds and leaves are strong and complete.

Raw material:The materials are carefully selected from one bud and one leaf of Jinggu's special large white tea, and pressed using Xiaguan's century-old production techniques.

Taste Features:Sweet rose aroma, fruity mellow, smooth,strong nectar aroma 

Efficacy:Reduces inflammation, relieves internal heat and refreshes the mind
Produce fluid, quench thirst, lower blood sugar
Anti-oxidant, anti-aging, beauty and moisturizing

Storage:Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight

Brewing suggestions:

Gaiwan brewing method: ①The tea to water ratio is 1:25. Water Temperate: 90°C. First brewing:20s, second brewing 10-15s, third brewing 15s, fourth brewing 20s, late brewing you can appropriately increase the steeping time. 

Steeping in cup, ①Tea to water ratio 1:200, increase or decrease as appropriate according to the characteristics or taste of the product. Yunnan white tea is rich in substances and is suitable for long-term brewing. When the tea leaves are steeped for a long time, the content of the substances will precipitate to a high degree. The taste is more three-dimensional and full, which can reflect the flavor characteristics of Yunnan white tea.


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