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2013 Chinese Tea Leaf Pu’er Tea Ripe Pu’erh Tea Ball Yunnan Pu’er Xiaoqinggan Puer Tea

2013 Chinese Tea Leaf Pu’er Tea Ripe Pu’erh Tea Ball Yunnan Pu’er Xiaoqinggan Puer Tea

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According to the different tangerine peels, Gan Pu'er tea is divided into green Gan Pu'er and red Gan Pu'er.

This Xiaoqinggan Puer Tea ball is a perfect combination of ripe Pu'er in 2013(aged 11 years)and green mandarin in 2023. The orange peel is produced in Xinhui District, Guangdong Province, and the ripe Pu'er tea is produced in the Menghai tea area of Yunnan.

This Tea is a unique blend of dark Pu-Er leaves sealed in tangerine peels. It is produced in Xinhui and Guangdong and with its leafy, citrus aroma, it is a well-being infusion – a super food – that supports a healthy lifestyle, aiding digestion, reducing inflammation and cellular damage, and supporting the immune system. It also acts as a great pick-me-up in the morning after a night of over-indulgence.

Tea Varieties: Authentic Chinese Tangerine Puer Tea(XiaoQingGan)

Origin:  Guangdong Province, China

net weight: a small tea ball maybe 10-12g

Tea Soup: The tea soup is rosy and translucent

Tea shape: The tea soup is rosy and translucent. The brewed tea base is even, tender and shiny.

Taste Features: The taste is mellow, and the sweet fragrance enters the throat. Every drop of tea soup contains the aroma of green mandarin and the richness of Pu'er tea, making the tea fragrant and sweet.

Storage: Store in a cool place away from sunlight. There is no specific best-before date, our tea is similar to wine, if it’s being stored appropriately, the older the tea, the more flavourful and beneficial to the body it is.

Efficacy: Xiaoqinggan is a fusion of tangerine peel and Pu'er tea. The citrus peel contains carotene and vitamin C. Pu'er tea is rich in tea polyphenols, trace elements, etc. The combination of the two can effectively protect against radiation and anti-aging; it contains Phenolic acids can sterilize, and fragrant body odor, refresh the brain, whiten skin, clear away heat and relieve fire, regulate metabolism, lower fat and lose weight, promote blood flow, and naturally balance body functions, especially for female friends.

Brew advice: recommend brewing this Kung Fu tea in a gaiwan or glass teapot.(Each small green orange”Xiaoqinggan“ can be brewed at least 20 times)

Method 1:

Open the package and use the pick to pierce a hole in the bottom of the tangerine, creating an opening of 2-3 millimeters. Immerse the whole tangerine in boiling water to rinse it through, pour off the water, and then it is ready to brew. You can do this at least 5 times without losing flavor.

To wake the tea and release the full flavor, wait for at least 3 seconds before pouring. (People sometimes enjoy the tea more at the second pouring - it’s down to individual preferences).

Please note that when brewing the whole tangerine, you can drill up to 5 small holes, depending on your taste requirements, taking care not to leak the leaves.

Method 2: Brew in pieces.

Break the tangerine and scrape the Pu-Er leaves into a cup with the tangerine peel. Pour boiling water into the cup and pour out immediately, or leave it to brew for a few seconds. (Again, you might prefer the second pouring to the first).

You might notice at times that the tangerines have a layer of hoar frost on them. This white powdery substance is a natural antioxidant, caused by the crystallization of sugar in tangerines during the low-temperature roasting process. It is not harmful. In fact, only Tangerine tea from Xinhui has hoar frost - it is a sign of good quality.


P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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