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2023 Chinese Dried Liubao Flower Buds Tea Floral Dried Buds Herbal Tea Natural Fragrance

2023 Chinese Dried Liubao Flower Buds Tea Floral Dried Buds Herbal Tea Natural Fragrance

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Liubao Flowers Buds Tea

This Liubao tea bud is produced from an organic tea garden with old trees in the mountains in Liubao Town, Guangxi Province. The tea trees here are old, mainly over a hundred years old. The tea garden has a superior ecological environment and original ecological cultivation. All modern technologies, artificial weeding, and pesticides are not used. There are still many insect eyes on the tea leaves, and bees are also competing to collect honey. The honey aroma of the flower buds is rich and sweet, the brewed tea is clear and sweet, and the nectar has a high fragrance, which is particularly comfortable.

Liubao tea flower buds are mainly white with white petals and yellow stamens. There are also white petals with light yellow or white with light red. The stamens can also be yellow with pink or light red or even lavender. The dried Liubao tea flower buds after processing are generally golden yellow, and some are yellow with white. It is said that the nutrients are in the unflowered buds, which are rich in camellia pollen and camellia nectar. Camellia pollen is rich in natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nucleic acids, which is very good for people.

After the Liubao camellia buds are made into dry tea using traditional techniques, the unique aroma of the camellia is still retained. It is fragrant, sweet but not greasy. The tea soup is clear and translucent, has a pleasant aroma, and has good brewing resistance. It can be brewed for more than a dozen times.

Picking standards: Only pick Liubao camellias that are in bud or just in full bloom. This kind of camellia is at the stage where the honey fragrance is better, and the sweetness is also suitable.

Tea Varieties:Floral tea

Place of Origin: Liubao townGuangxi Province, China
Production time: 2023

Raw material: Camellia from a century-old tree in Heishishan, Liubao Town

Storage method: sealed, protected from light, moisture, and odor

Tea Soup:The tea soup is bright yellow in color, clean, sweet, delicate, and has a distinct nectar aroma.

Tea shape:Liubao flower buds are golden in color and natural in appearance. Open the buds layer by layer: clean, dry, and elegant with honey fragrance.

Taste Features:Clean, sweet, with a distinct nectar aroma
This tea is not only delicious, but also rich in levels and has a refreshing and sweet taste. This Liubao flower bud tea still has the aroma of tea. After drinking a few cups, you will feel relaxed and happy, and your body will feel very warm.


The flowers of the Liubao tea tree contain more than 90% of the substances beneficial to the human body such as tea polyphenols, amino acids, tea polysaccharides, proteins, and saponins. They have many functions such as detoxification, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, anti-aging, cancer suppression, and beautification. 

Brewing suggestions:

Tea set selection: gaiwan (preferred), pottery teapot, glass cup

tea to water ratio 1:25


P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)


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