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2020 Chinese Tea White Tea Silver Needle Tea Organic White Tea Loose Tea Yunnan KunLu Shan Silver Needle High Mountain Spring Tea

2020 Chinese Tea White Tea Silver Needle Tea Organic White Tea Loose Tea Yunnan KunLu Shan Silver Needle High Mountain Spring Tea

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Silver Needle is the only white tea among the “10 greatest teas from China”. It is mainly produced in the counties of Fuding and Zhenghe in Fujian Province. The dry tea leaves are primarily made from the tenderest buds of every shoot. They are thin, covered with tiny white hair, and boast a silvery hue – hence the name Silver Needle.
This variety is the most premium among white teas. Alongside Junshan Yinzhen, it was sent to the royal courts in the past as a tribute. The White Needle sourced by our Teahouse goes through a delicate picking process. The selection of leaves is rigorous. It includes exclusively the shoots with a single bud or the finest parts of the shoots with one bud and one or two leaves. The finished tea leaves are firm and straight, hairy and pale white. The brew is clear with a mild tint of yellow. It comes with a refreshing fragrance of honey.

Tea Varieties: White Tea—Bai Hao Silver Needle Tea(2020)

Tea Soup:bright and transparent

Tea shape: Compared with ordinary silver needles, the dried tea leaves of silver needles made from Yunnan large-leaf species are larger and longer, with plump and round buds and exposed pekoe.
On the light sniff, there is a refreshing floral aroma and a sweet pure honey aroma.

Raw material: This Yunnan Silver Needle White Tea comes from Kunlu Mountain in Yunnan, which has a long history of tea production. Xianlu Mountain is a branch of Wuliang Mountain, with towering ancient trees and numerous mountains. Here, it is known as the "Tea Tree Natural Museum" because it has tens of thousands of acres of ancient tea gardens. The tea produced in Kunlu Mountain is clear and elegant, with a high aroma, and is very recognizable.
This silver needle is made from single buds of Kunulushan large-leaf species, which are dried in the shade and withered under slight sunlight. This is also the reason why we recommend this tea. Due to the plateau climate, Yunnan white tea is often dried in the shade and withered. Sun exposure can make the aroma more floral and honeyy, and it is also easy to store.

Taste Features:Floral and fruity aroma, pekoe aroma, honey aroma.
The taste is pure and fresh, the taste is sweet and delicate, and the throat notes are sweet and long-lasting.

Efficacy: Antioxidants found in this tea also promote heart health and strength by lowering bad cholesterol levels and strengthening blood vessels. Silver Needle White Tea may also aid in preventing blood clots that are responsible for heart attacks and strokes and protecting heart tissues from potential damage.

Origin: Yunnan Province, China 

Storage: Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight

Brewing suggestions:
water:110ml         tea amount: 5 grams     Recommended utensils: gaiwan
Brewing: There is no need to wash the tea. The soup can be made at any speed. It can be brewed moderately. This tea is more resistant to brewing.

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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