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Jiangnan Art Tea

2024 Chinese Oolong Bai Ya Qi Lan White Bud Qilan High Mountain Spring Loose Tea Leaf Cold Brew Tea

2024 Chinese Oolong Bai Ya Qi Lan White Bud Qilan High Mountain Spring Loose Tea Leaf Cold Brew Tea

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This Bai Ya Qi Lan Tea is a rare Oolong tea from Pinghe county in the south of FuJian Province,China.It is a lightly oxidized, multiple roasting process oolong tea.

It is said that, sometime during the Ming Dynasty, Chen Yuanhe, the grandson of the current Emperor, found a tea tree in Pinghe County, Fujian. The tea tree buds were such a pale green that they almost appeared white and had the same scent as orchids. Chen Yuanhe named this tree Baiya Qilan. Its name has four characters: the first character, bai, translate into “white,” Ya means “bud,” Qi indicates “special” or “unique” and Lan is the character for “orchid.” Therefore the name translates directly as “white bud special orchid;” it is referred to as “white bud Qilan”

The higher altitudes of Daqinshan mountain,Fu jian, shrouded in fog all year round, offer ideal growing conditions for the special tea cultivar.The tea adopts traditional charcoal roasting process to make the aroma more stable and the tea soup sweeter and mellower.

Tea Varieties: Chinese Oolong Tea


Origin: Fujian Province, China

Weight: Each small package is 8g

Tea aroma: The dry tea has a fresh and elegant orchid fragrance; after brewing, the peach blossom fragrance and a fine and long Orchid come out with a slightly sweet fruity fragrance, which is sweet and charming, delicate. If you never experience what’s called Orchid aroma and not able to find real orchid indeed, it’s kind of metaphysical and abstract fragrance to smell in our life, but you can imagine it’s a very refined, delicate, subtle, light and pleasant aroma, 

Tea shape: The typical of dry tea leaves from Bai Ya Qilan Oolong tea is that the leaves are tightly rolled into a ball shape,dark green color and oily.

Tea Soup: Tea soup is apricot yellow color and very bright

Taste Features: After brewing, the peach blossom aroma appears, with a slightly sweet fruity aroma, which is sweet and charming. The fragrance sinks in the water, the tea soup is smooth in the mouth, fresh and sweet, the tea soup is delicate and moist, the orchid aroma is rich and long lasting, and the after sweet taste is long.

Storage: stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight.


1. Anti-aging;

2. Refreshing and refreshing, relieving fatigue;

3. Can speed up the body’s metabolism;

4. Clear away heat and reduce internal heat;

5. Promote digestion

6. lose weight

7. Digestion and fatigue relief

Brewing advice:

Hot brewing:Recommended tea set: gaiwan
Recommended water temperature: 100℃(212℉)
Brewing: The first step is to rinse tea and we don't drink rinsing tea.

First brewing: 20-25s, second brewing: 10-15s, third brewing: 10-15s, fourth brewing 10-15s, fifth brewing 15s. You can appropriate incease steeping time depondending on your personal preference.

Cold brewing: 3g for 600ml, put in refrigerator for 4-6h 

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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