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2024 Chinese Tea Green Tea Bi Luo Chun Green Tea High Mountain Spring Tea Loose Tea Pre-Qingming Green Tea

2024 Chinese Tea Green Tea Bi Luo Chun Green Tea High Mountain Spring Tea Loose Tea Pre-Qingming Green Tea

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2024 New tea—Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

Biluochun tea belongs to green tea and is one of the top 10 Chinese tea. It is a traditional Chinese tea with more than 1,000 years of history. Produced in Dongting Mountain by Taihu Lake in Wu County, Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province, it is also known as Dongting Biluochun and Taihu Biluochun、Pi Lo Chun, it is renowned for its delicate appearance, fruity taste, floral aroma, showy white hairs, and early cropping.

This Biluochun green tea is picked manually and has the characteristics of "picking early, picking tenderly, and picking cleanly". The annual output of authentic Dongting Mountain Biluochun is limited, and the quality of tomorrow's tea picked before the Spring Equinox to Qingming is the most valuable.

Since this tea is picked early in the spring, the dry tea leaves are coated in small fuzzy white hairs. This is customary for high-end Bi Luo Chun green tea. It is a tea best enjoyed as early as possible in China to experience the freshness of its remarkable character.

Why is it called Biluochun?

The name is Biluochun literally "green snail spring". It is called so because it is a green tea rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail meat, slivery green with white hair, and picked in early Spring.

Tea Varieties: Chinese Green Tea—Bi Luo Chun Green Tea


Origin: Wu County, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Tea shape: The dry tea leaves are tight and curly like snails, slivery green with white hair. After steeping, the tea buds and leaves are uniform, complete, and tender, as if they had just been picked from the tea tree.

Tea Aroma: Fresh floral and fruity aroma

Tea Soup: The tea soup is bright green in color, fresh and mellow in taste, and has a floral and fruity aroma.

Taste Features: Fresh and mellow aroma

Storage: Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight


Biluochun tea contains many substances beneficial to people’s health, including Catechins, vitamins A and C, Caffeine, flavonols, and tea polyphenols. Their healthcare efficacies are listed as follows for your reference.

1. Keep excited
2. Lose weight
3. Prevent cancer
4. Prevent decayed tooth
5. Antibacterial, antimicrobial properties
6. Diuretic effect

7. Prevent arteriosclerosis(TP and vitamin C in Biluochun tea have the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and research has proved that people who drink Biluochun regularly have a lower risk of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Brewing suggestions:

Water temperature: warm water around 80°-85℃(176℉-185℉)
tea to water ratio is 1:50/1:60
It is better to add water when there is 1/3 left after each drink, and it is better to soak three times.

P.S Please provide your phone number when placing an order, this is very important for shipping the package, thank you in advance :)

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