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2024 Chinese Tea Black Tea Red Tea Yunnan Fengqing Dian Hong Tea High Mountain Spring Tea Loose Tea

2024 Chinese Tea Black Tea Red Tea Yunnan Fengqing Dian Hong Tea High Mountain Spring Tea Loose Tea

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The name "Dian Hong", and "Dian" is a short name for the Yunnan region, and "Hong" means red. It comes from the cloud-veiled mountains of the Yunnan province.

The fragrance of honey lingers, refreshing and sweet,
Dian black tea(Dian Hong) is sweet and not bitter, but some Dian black teas(Dian Hong) on the market are a little too sweet. Our Dian black tea, known as "Honey-flavored Golden Needle", is naturally sweet, and refreshing and has a pure, comfortable and sweet taste. The feeling permeates the mouth, and the fragrance lasts for a long time and has endless aftertaste.

Raw materials: The raw materials come from Fengqing high-altitude tea garden, with an average altitude of 1,600 meters. It is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round and has a superior ecological environment. It is a high-quality tea garden where tea trees and forests are mixed. The high-altitude area has abundant sunshine, a large temperature difference between day and night, no pests, and a good ecological environment. The tea quality is natural and superior, the content is rich, the sweetness is higher, the aroma is rich and rich,the flavor is prominent. Select Mingqian(before Chi Ming Festival) spring ingredients with excellent tea quality throughout the year. The tea buds and tea leaves absorb nutrients throughout the winter. The content is richer, the taste is fuller, the tea has a rich aroma and a high brewing resistance.
The picking standard is one bud/one bud and two leaves, with a high proportion of pure bud heads, thick and thin hair, and beautiful strips.

Production process: high-quality tea garden materials, mature craftsmanship and refinement, the tea leaves are rich in aroma and yet elegant. The production process of Dian black tea is after picking the fresh leaves - withering - rolling - fermentation - drying. The aroma of Dian red is the last and most important step - constant temperature drying to enhance the aroma, so that it can have a special rich honey/potato aroma, so it is The drying process is particularly important. The use of constant temperature drying technology not only ensures the aroma of the tea, but also makes the tea taste warm, sweet and more palatable.

Healthy, no additives, no dyeing
Constant-temperature drying improves the aroma without any additives. The tea aroma is naturally clear and original, without dyeing. The raw materials, technology, and finished products are checked at every level to make tea drinkers feel more at ease.

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Tea Varieties: Chinese Black Tea — Honey-flavored Golden Needle Black Tea

Production time:2024

Selection of raw materials: Yunnan Fengqing big leaf(large-leaf) species

Picking season: Mingqian (before Qingming“Ching Ming Festival”) first spring season tea

Picking standard: one bud/one bud and two leaves

Tea shape:because the picking standard is one bud/one bud and two leaves, with a high proportion of pure bud heads, thick and thin hair, and beautiful strips.

Tea soup:Fengqing large-leaf species is one of the fine tea varieties recognized by the country. The fresh leaves are richer in many classified substances than other tea trees, and the water extract content is higher. Therefore, the black tea produced has a rich and rich aroma, a bright red color and a higher quality. 

Taste: Highly fragrant and sweet, full and delicate, rich in honey aroma, pure and comfortable, with retained honey charm.

Storage:clean, sealed, protected from sunlight, moisture and odor

Healthy benefits:

The beneficial effects of Dian black tea include preventing caries, strengthening the stomach and intestines, aiding digestion, delaying aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and anti-radiation. It can relieve summer heat, quench thirst, replenish water, refresh, burn fat, and supply heat energy. role.

Brewing method:

Dian black tea is a fully fermented tea
Amount of tea added: generally 5-6 grams,
The tea to water ratio 1:30
Tea set selection: gaiwan (preferred), tea separation cup
Recommended water temperature: around 85℃ (185℉) (water temperature control is especially important)
Water injection: high-fine water injection is helpful to stimulate the aroma of tea leaves
Steeping time: generally 8-10 seconds
Important note: the water temperature should not be too high as it may be sour and astringent (applicable to all Dian black tea)

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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