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2024 Chinese Tea Supreme Huangshan Spring Green Tea Taiping Houkui Monkey King Loose Tea Leaf High Mountain Spring Tea

2024 Chinese Tea Supreme Huangshan Spring Green Tea Taiping Houkui Monkey King Loose Tea Leaf High Mountain Spring Tea

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Taiping Houkui Chinese Green tea

About Tai Ping Hou Kui tea:
Taiping Hou Kui tea is produced in Anhui's Hou keng Village, Tai Ping county, in Anhui Province,China. The name 'Hou Kui Tea' is a combination of both its maker and producing area. In 1915, Taiping Hou Kui won gold medal in Panamanian world's fair. After the founding of new China, in 1955, Taiping Hou Kui was chosen as one of China's top ten famous tea.

Tai Ping Hou Kui rests among the ten most famous green teas in China, but everything from the look of the leaves to the packing style differs greatly from the norm. The absolute highest grades of Tai Ping Hou Kui will feature leaves that exceed 15cm in length and are picked in perfectly identical sizes and bound together with cotton string. Another hallmark feature of Tai Ping Hou Kui is the grid pattern visible on each leaf that comes from the pressing during production; something that is always done by hand, not machine.

Tai Ping Hou Kui Peaceful Monkey King is a famous green tea grown at the foot of Huangshan mountain range. Large, flat and long green leaves produce a pale green liquor with a slight vegetal aroma. The taste is mellow, vegetal and floral with a sweet aftertaste and no astringency.

The appearance of Tai Ping Hou Kui tea is flat and straight. so known as "two swords one spear", and "Hou kui pointed at both ends, not loose, not warped, not curling". Tai ping Hou Kui tea can only be picked within 2 weeks a year. They pick leaves which are 7 to 15cm in length. It's clean and elegant flavor sets it apart from the regular, or even top quality, green teas. The fresh and mellow taste comes with high pure aroma which known as "monkey rhyme".It smells like orchid, natural and refreshing, containing 3.6% amino acid, 23.8% tea polyphenol, 13.6% catechinic acid and 4% caffeine. It is usually made into green tea.Tai Ping Hou Kui is normally translated into English as Peaceful Monkey Leader or Peaceful Monkey King.

Origin:  Yellow Mountains, Anhui Province,China

Tea Varieties: Green Tea—Taiping Houkui Green Tea(2024 Spring)

Tea Soup:bright green in color

Tea shape:The dried tea leaves are bright green, flat and straight, naturally stretched, and slightly white.After brewing, the tea leaves are tender green, plump, bright yellow-green, and intact.

Taste Features:The first soup is green in color, accompanied by the fragrance of orchid, and has a mellow taste that lasts for a long time.

Efficacy:As with other types of green tea, Dragonwell is able to help control high blood pressure, lower the blood sugar level. However, the most significant compound found is catechin and research has shown green tea still retain about 50 to 75% of the good compound even after processing. The Chinese drink dragonwell during hot weather e.g during spring and summer for its cooling effect to the body.. The tea contains vitamin C, amino acids, and, like most finer Chinese green teas, has one of the highest concentrations of catechins among teas.

Protect against the tide, peculiar smell, keeps in low temperature and refrigerates it.

Brewing suggestions:
1. Recommended glass cup to view tea buds displaying in the cup.
2. Take about 3g tea to be brewed with boiled water (80℃-90℃≈185-194℉);
3. Drink after 1minutes;
4.It can be brewed by several times.
5.Water temperature cannot exceed 85℃, otherwise, tea water may turn to yellow.


P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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