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2007 Chinese Tea Leaf Dark Tea Aged Liubao Tea Shanguo Liubao Tea Loose Tea

2007 Chinese Tea Leaf Dark Tea Aged Liubao Tea Shanguo Liubao Tea Loose Tea

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2007 Shanguo Liubao Tea(山菓六堡茶) is a Liubao tea made by teacher Chen Kuixiang, an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage.

Chen Kuixiang is a Guangxi craftsman and the representative inheritor of Wuzhou City’s intangible cultural heritage Liubao tea making skills. For more than 40 years, Chen Kuixiang has been making tea devoutly, always adhering to the "origin, original tea species, original technology, original ecology, and original storage", silently guarding the traditional craftsmanship of Liubao tea.

This selected Shanguo Liubao tea is made by Chen Kuixiang. She makes tea religiously and always adheres to the "origin, original tea species, original technology, and original ecological storage", silently guarding the traditional craftsmanship of Liubao tea. Chen Kuixiang is the inheritor of the Liubao tea intangible cultural heritage.

Liu Bao, similar to pu erh, is a traditional aged dark tea from Wuzhou, Guangxi in China. Liubao has a history of 1,500 years. The older the Liubao tea the better the taste. In Chinese medicine, "wet" is the evil of all diseases, and the "wet" body is sick. Liubao tea is the first choice for "dehumidification". Scientifically, Liubao contains plenty of amino acids, tea polyphenols, polysaccharides, tea tannins, tea enzymes, minerals, etc., which makes it good for body slimming, brain functions, stronger teeth, and beauty!

Raw materials: 2007 wild spring tea from old alpine trees and the process of blending Liubao from native species. The wild spring tea farm with old trees in the mountains has a high altitude and a lot of sand and gravel. The tea grows slowly and the yield is small. However, the amino acid content in the tea is high, and the Liubao tea has a unique mellow and sweet taste.
and Yanyun.

Tea Varieties:Dark Tea(Hei cha 黑茶) -

Produce year: 2007

Tasting notes: The tea soup is clean and smooth in the mouth, and has a long-lasting coolness in the throat. The more you drink, the sweeter it becomes. It presents rich layers, aroma, and flavor, plus it is soft, sweet, full, and powerful when entering the mouth, which is very intriguing.
Origin: Liubao Township, Cangwu, Guangxi, China

Tea shape: Dried tea leaves: The dry tea strips are dark brown and tightly knotted. The smell is clean and comfortable, with a pure aroma of old, woody, floral, and fruity, and Ganoderma lucidum.                                                                                                        Brewed tea leaves: The bottom of the leaf has clear lines, is oily, soft, and tough, and is very resistant to foaming.
Tea soup color: The tea soup is red, translucent, delicate, and smooth.                            Storage: Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight.                                    Tea technology: Using the traditional double steaming and double pressure process, they were picked in the spring of 2007 and made into raw tea through multiple processes such as greening - initial kneading - retting - re-kneading - roasting; and then naturally produced in the old tea warehouse After three years of aging, in 2010, it was pressed and aged using a double steaming and double pressure hot fermentation process. 

Tasting suggestions
1. Recommended brewing method: purple clay teapot (150ML)
Amount of tea added: 7 grams Water injection: boiling water
Brewing method: After warming the cup and sanitary ware, wash the tea in the first step, pour boiling water into it in the second step, and make the soup after the fifth step.
2. Recommended stewing method: stewing teapot (800ML)
Amount of tea added: 5g Water injection: 800ML boiling water
Stewing tea method: In the first step, wash the tea with boiling water. In the second step, start pouring in 800ML of boiling water and simmer for 1-2 hours.
3. Recommended tea making method: teapot (700ML)
Amount of tea added: 5g Water injection: 600ML boiling water
Tea making method: First boil water to wash the tea, then start pouring 600ML of boiling water into the second step and cook for about 20 minutes.


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