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Jiangnan Art Tea

2023 Chinese Tea Black Tea Red Tea Yunnan Old Tree Black Tea Fengqing Dian Hong Tea High Mountain Spring Tea Loose Tea

2023 Chinese Tea Black Tea Red Tea Yunnan Old Tree Black Tea Fengqing Dian Hong Tea High Mountain Spring Tea Loose Tea

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Yunnan Fengqing Dianhong—old tree pine needles, classic 1958 traditional old variety black tea

The name "Dian Hong", and "Dian" is a short name for the Yunnan region, and "Hong" means red. It comes from the cloud-veiled mountains of the Yunnan province.

The origin of classic 1958:
Dianhong Classic 1958 is actually a type of Chinese black tea. In 1958, the Yunnan Fengqing Tea Factory, now the Yunnan Dianhong Group, used the fresh leaves of Fengqing large-leaf species to produce a super Kung Fu black tea, which was sold in the UK The London market fetched the highest price in the international market at that time. From then on, this tea became famous all over the world and became popular overseas.

Raw materials: Produced in high-altitude ecological tea gardens, fresh leaves of Fengqing native large-leaf species are used as raw materials. One bud and one leaf/two leaves are picked according to the standard. It is carefully made with 5 traditional techniques. It is rich in content, rich in taste, mellow, sweet and rich honey. The fragrance blends with the fragrance of potato, sweet and refreshing, warm and full.

Origin: Lin cang city,Yunnan Province, China

Tea Varieties:Chinese Black Tea — Old Tree Pine Needle Black Tea

Production time:2023

Picking season: spring

Picking standard: one bud and one leaf/two leaves

Tea shape:The dry tea leaves are tightly knotted, the buds are obvious and the smell is delicate. The dry tea is fragrant.

Tea soup:Fengqing large-leaf species is one of the fine tea varieties recognized by the country. The fresh leaves are richer in many classified substances than other tea trees, and the water extract content is higher. Therefore, the black tea produced has a rich and rich aroma, a bright red color and a higher quality. 

Tea aroma: floral and fruity, honey potato flavor.

The floral and fruity honey fragrance is long-lasting but not greasy, elegant and pleasant
The floral and fruity aroma is outstanding, the entrance is delicate and soft, the sweet and refreshing fragrance permeates the entire mouth for a long time, and the wall of the cup is filled with honey aroma.

Taste: sweet, fresh, honey, and warm

Storage:clean, sealed, protected from sunlight, moisture and odor

Healthy benefits:

The beneficial effects of Dian black tea include preventing caries, strengthening the stomach and intestines, aiding digestion, delaying aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and anti-radiation. It can relieve summer heat, quench thirst, replenish water, refresh, burn fat, and supply heat energy. role.

Brewing method:

Amount of tea added: generally 5-6 grams
The ratio of pouring tea into a gaiwan can be referred to as 1:30
Glass cup to tea ratio 1:50
Tea set selection: gaiwan (preferred), tea separator cup, glass cup
Recommended water temperature: 80℃-85℃(176 ℉- 185℉) (the water temperature should not be too high)

Water injection: fine water and high flushing, which is helpful to stimulate the aroma of tea leaves
Steeping time: usually 8-10 seconds
It can be appropriately extended or shortened according to the tea soup precipitation time.

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