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2023 Chinese Gushu Tea Raw Pu’erh Tea Ball Yunnan Gushu Old Tree Pu’erh Tea High Mountain Spring tea

2023 Chinese Gushu Tea Raw Pu’erh Tea Ball Yunnan Gushu Old Tree Pu’erh Tea High Mountain Spring tea

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Our Iceland Pu'er raw tea ball is a fine raw (sheng) pu’erh from the Iceland Nanpo Tea Garden in Mengku, Shuangjiang County, Yunnan Province. Iceland tea is a famous and highly sought-after Yunnan tea with a rich history recorded back during the Ming Dynasty (before 1485). It is grown in a small village that sits isolated 2,000 meters above sea level along the once-bustling and absolutely historical Ancient Tea-Horse Road. 

Pu'er Tea-Iceland Pu'er:
  The fragrance of nectar, the sweetness of rock sugar, the clean and sweet tea soup, the elegant and transparent oral feeling, and the quick recovery of sweetness and salivation.

About Iceland Pu’er Tea:
  Iceland is something that everyone who drinks Pu'er tea can't avoid. It is a famous mountain tea. Naturally, you can see the introduction of tea in many places: orchid fragrance, rock sugar sweetness, rock sugar rhyme, etc., but I don't think it is the same. The most appropriate adjective, I think, is the most appropriate adjective to describe Icelandic tea: "clean", pure, the kind of clarity that is not tainted by the world, which is what a teacher once said. I have also been into Pu'er tea since then, so it is also recommended to those who like to drink it. People who make Pu'er tea.

Iceland Nanpao - one of the Five Villages in Iceland. There are 5 villages in Iceland, namely Laozhai, Dijie, Nanpao and Nuowu,bawai. The taste of tea in each village is slightly different. The aroma of tea in Iceland's Nanpo is a compound aroma of flowers and rock sugar. The floral aroma is not evil, but it always accompanies the whole tea drinking process. The tea soup is sweet and refreshing, and after falling down your throat, you will feel The lips and teeth are fragrant, elegant and soft.

Origin: Yunnan Province,China

Tea Varieties: Dark Tea—Gushu Old Tree Raw Pu’er Tea Ball( Pu’er Sheng)

Production time:2023

Net weight:A small tea ball is 8g    

raw material:Picked from large, wild ancient trees (over 100 years old)grown at 1400 meters and is composed of whole, unbroken twisted large leaves. It is said that the leaves of Mengku trees are dark green and soft, with an especially strong fragrance that is very unique. 

Tea shape:Fresh Icelandic tea leaves are plump and strong, with obvious leatheriness, clear veins, fine bud peaks, few hairs on the back of the leaves, clear and bright dry tea strips, fat and fine, and the aroma is mainly flower and fruit flavor. After the Icelandic tea is brewed,the leaf bottom is plump and elastic, not fragile by hand, flexible and flexible. Icelandic tea is most talked about by people, which is its unique "rock sugar sweet".

Tea soup:The tea soup is delicate and sweet, clean, refreshing

Tea aroma: The early stage is elegant and fresh floral scent, the middle stage is nectar scent, and the later stage is rock sugar scent.

Remember to smell the aroma from the cup. The tea soup is delicate and sweet. The clean, refreshing and subtle floral fragrance permeates the mouth. The sweetness of rock sugar brings back sweetness and promotes body fluids quickly and lastingly.

Storage:Store in a cool place away from sunlight. There is no specific best-before date, our tea is similar to wine, if it’s being stored appropriately, the older the tea, the more flavourful and beneficial to the body it is.

healthy benefits:

Pu-erh tea, one of the six types of tea, from the Camellia Sinensis plant, has been cherished as a healthy fermented tea full of benefits for both the palate and the body for centuries. Many pu-erh tea drinkers start their aged tea journey because pu-erh tea benefits their physical and mental health.


Brewing method:

Amount of tea added: One cup of tea at a time. If you like a more elegant tea, you can add half of the tea.
Tea to water ratio: 1:20/1:30
Recommended water temperature: above 95°C(203℉
Teaware selection: Recommended purple clay teapot or gaiwan

Brewing: Brew the boiling water slowly and at a fixed point to make the soup quickly. Try to make the tea soup as much as possible without sitting down. (For the first two awakening teas of tea ball Brewing, the soup time can be slower for 4-5 soaks and then the soup will be made normally. Control the steeping time, should not be steeped for a long time, steaming is not recommended)


P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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