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2013 Chinese Tea Dark Tea Anhua Fu Brick Dark Tea Compressed Brick Tea High Mountain Spring Tea

2013 Chinese Tea Dark Tea Anhua Fu Brick Dark Tea Compressed Brick Tea High Mountain Spring Tea

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This Fu Brick tea is also called Golden Flower tea due to the presence of mold Eurotium cristatus, which resembles the male yellow florets and is leaf throughout the volume of the brick. The tea resonates strongly with the factor of the Earth (Wu Xing) and has for centuries been popular among Korean monks. Tibetans and Mongols always used it as a medicine for abdominal pain.This is also the distinctive feature of Anhua Fu tea and the main factor that constitutes its flavor.

Raw materials: This Fu tea comes from Xianxi, which is the core production area of Furong Mountain. It has a subtropical monsoon climate, with undulating peaks, layers of mulberry green, and a large temperature difference between day and night. Furong Mountain is the second highest mountain in Anhua. This mountain is located at 28° north latitude in the golden tea-producing belt. It has been a tribute tea producing area since the Song Dynasty. Through the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the status of tribute tea has continued. Among them, the tribute tea made from the raw materials of Xianxi, Jiudushui, Longxi and Daqiao is known as "Sibao tribute tea" in history. What’s more worth mentioning is that this place is located in the dense ice and rock area of Anhua. The soil is rich in zinc, selenium and other trace elements. The tea produced is rich in content and has a long flavor. Not only does it have an excellent growing environment, but the materials used for this Fu brick are also very particular.
The raw materials are pure Anhua Xianxi materials, which are of a higher grade, ranging from first grade to first grade and a half, and are more tender than ordinary Fu brick materials.
It is hand-cast using traditional Anhua black tea technology. The tightness of the hand-built Fu bricks can be adjusted freely, giving the "golden flowers" more space to grow, which is conducive to the growth of beneficial golden flower fungi and the later transformation of tea leaves.
In order to pursue higher quality, this Jinjian Gonghuo only uses the center part of the Fu bricks with full gold flowers, excluding the outer part without gold flowers.

Tea Varieties:Dark Tea(Hei cha 黑茶) -Anhua Fu Brick Dark Tea (2013)

Origin: Hunan Province, China

Tea shape: The surface of the dry tea leaves has obvious golden flowers, the leaves are fresh and tender, and there are a few tea branch.Brewed tea leaves: The bottom of the leaf has clear lines, is oily, soft, and tough, and is very resistant to foaming.

Tea soup color: bright orange color

Taste feature: The taste is sweet and mellow, the tea soup is soft, the aroma of mushrooms and flowers is rich, and there is a hint of old, woody and cooked rice aroma.

Fu Cha is extremely favorable for the human digestive tract. It gently heats the organism, which is beneficial for digestion, but the main harmonization function is probiotic bacteria Eurotium cristatus, which functions similarly to probiotics in other foods (e.g. some yogurts).
Japanese scientists have recently They devoted a lot to studying probiotic cultures in tea and the results only confirm the already known fact that the tea Fu Cha and the Pu Er strongly support the burning of unhealthy fats in the body of man. The Fu Cha also has a strong harmonization effect on the entire digestive tract of humans.

Tea making suggestions:
It is more recommended to use a thermos cup for simmering. The tea soup will be obviously filling and gelatinous. You can add 0.5g of tangerine peel and soak it together. The combination of fruity and fungal aroma is perfect. If you brew this tea, it will have the aroma of glutinous rice, which is sweet and full.

Thermos cup 500ml    Tea leaves weight: 3.5g      Water temperature: boiling water
The first step is to wash the tea, then place it in a thermos cup to steep for 20 minutes.

P.S Can you please provide me with your phone number when you place the order, it‘s important for delivering the package, thank you in advance :)

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